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• 3/3/2017

Oblivion Crisis RP

This RP takes place in an alternate timeline where Martin Septim was unable to defeat Mehrunes Dagon and the Hero of Kvatch died in the conflict. We are knights attempting an epic last stand againts the invading daedra. I am Knight Tarfan. We must kill the daedra and head to Bruma where the border between Cyrodiil and Skyrim lies in order to get support.
1-This is a serious RP. No dumb jokes.
2-Be sure to give a brief bio of your character.
3-Narrate what is happening in your character's perspective in third person.
4-Your character is allowed to have unique gear but make sure it fits the lore as best a possible.
5-All dialogue should be written in between "".
6-Your chracter cannot have any legendary items.
7-If you wish to speak out of character be sure to use (()).
We will begin once enough players have joined. Players are still allowed to join once the RP starts but they have to make sure their characters' appearances fit the story as best as possible.
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• 3/22/2016

The Lost Artifacts: Chapter 1

Five hundreds years after the events of Skyrim the Thalmor invaded Skyrim and Hammerfell. It lost much of it's power but gained both provinces. Now, the Great Artifact War is underway. The lost artifacts of Tamriel have been dispersed all throughout the land. Some seek them for an edge in the fight against the Thalmor some for the various new factions that have popped up recently. Some want them simply for their own gain. No matter the reason the Emperor himself has deployed a small specialised artifact unit to Cyrodil for an artifact said to be hidden in the ruins of Old Cheydinhal. The unit knows nothing of each other up until meeting up at the ruins.You for whatever reason are searching for the artifact. So will you win it? Or will you die trying?
1: Custom factions ARE allowed but must be approved by the GM
2:No modded races!
3: For every three dodges unless clearly at an advantage your opponent must get one strike.
4: All CCs must be approved before play.
5: No fridge magic!
6: If you are MIA for a long period of time you WILL be removed
7: Keep your powers limited not too powerfull.
Character Card:
Misc. Items:

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• 8/6/2015

TES: Blood & Shadows #01 The Tourney Begins

Please read the Rules and fill out Character Form before posting. Any comments or questions out of character belong here only.

4E203 27th Suns Dawn, Imperial City of Cyrodiil
Two years have passed since the Last Dragonborn's victory over dreaded dragon Aldiun The World Eater and the ending of the Skyrim Civil war, many people hoping it to be a period of peace and restoration.
Cyrodiil; now a shadow of the great seat of the Empire it once was, is now littered with ruins and battlefeilds both ancient Alyleid and more recent remnants of the Oblivion Crysis and the feirce battles during The great War ,The cities of Anvil ,Kvatch ,Skingrad ,Leyawiin and Bravil either destroyed or greatly damaged and the Imperial city also effected heavily by the fighting since rebuilt.
With tensions calmed and the Arena rebuilt a tournament is held in honor the Imperal Empires resiliance and peserverance know as the Perserverance Tourney (simply Tourney to those involved) sponsored by a wealthy Nibenean Lord, Lord Kildranin.
Warriors from many places of Tamriel coming to fight as well as conscripted criminals given a second chance at life i the Tournaments. With all the excitement in the air and blood on the sand the Imperial city is beginning to boom again growing ever bigger and better than it has been in many decades. Even the Thalmor Ambassador to the Imperial Empire will be there to watch the sports as well as the Emperor himself.
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• 4/27/2015

Skyrim: The Champion Chronicles

This ia a new fan fic project that I am starting. Blitz is eventualy going to jump in, and I'm extending and invitation to Kallen if she wants to jump in also. I'm am using one of my real Skyrim characters for this storyline. I hope you all enjoy this on going story, and be afraid to commet with suggestons, or opinions.
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• 3/11/2015

the Kvatch Incident

245 E, Kvatch. The city is growing economically growing more then before it's new mine of Malachite is massive, and large meeting has been called for the councilors of Kvatch and the surrounding villages. but something is going on just recently the wife of councilor wound up dead in the very poorest district in Kvatch stabbed once through the neck. The Councilors have called upon mercenaries and city guards to figure out what is going on under the leadership of captain of the Kvatch guard Valamus Sacanis(A male Imperial) and chief of the mercernaries Mileel Medeseer(A female Argonian).however the investigation has been halted by a sudden revolt that has cost the lower parts of Kvatch now a civil war seems to be near future as Kvatch spirals into chaos, now the Mercenaries and City guard must try their best to keep the war from beginning but it's only a matter of time before it will begin.
(standard rules for RP apply here and no porn please this is not a M or R16 RP thank you)

Character forms

Warrior District: located in the center of the city with a massive walled barracks right beside the castle that is guarded by a moat and stone wall.
The Righteous District: home to the markets, stores,forum, and temple to the 8 divines.it also has the statue to Rislav the Righteous in the center of it
Wine District: the upper and middle class housing area home to most of Kvatch's citizens.
Wheat district: the outer rim and outside the walls is where most of the farmers and some laborers work there is a popular tavern in the wheat district
Marble District: the lower side of the city where the poor mostly live also where a large group of Vigilantes known as the Shadows of justice.
the Mercenaries: a large group of mercenaries from all walks of life are now based in the barracks with the city guard hired to prevent a civil war igniting into full blown chaos. the Mercenaries are commanded by Mileel Mideseer
the Kvatch Royal guard:the elite guard of Kvatch now working with a large unit of mercenaries and Shadows of Justice under the command of Valamus Sacanis and Lord Jadnel Sylbory Duke of Kvatch.
The Shadows of Justice:a groupd civilian Vigilantes seeking justice for the death of the councilors wife and sudden spread of chaos, the Vigilantes are ill equipped and armed but determined.
The Rebels:are small group of people rising too power ready to cause a civil war. but there are now several rebel factions
the Kvatch Viccy: a large group from a merchants guild now trying to sieze power under the leader ship of Ondrionion Larenhore, the group wear red and gold as their colors for their elite forces.their symbol is hawk flying carrying a spear
The Alliance of Pheasants for power: a large amount of Pheasants lead by a mysterious Haderio Colold who claims to be native but has a Bruman accent, their soldiers/ fighters wear blue and green. their symbol is of a stone being crushed by a hammmer
The Allegiance of the spear: a group of Mercenaries and former guards joining to build a military dictatorship under the leadership of S'ari Tavakspaer, their symbol is a Ogre crushing through a wall.
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