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• 8/5/2016

KallenBearRPChat Island

As the Kalbearians took most of North America and New Zealand through it's sheer military force, it then later decided to leave the remnants of these once great nations to walk through the wastelands of their own demise. The leaders of Kallenbearrp then took refuge on an island off the coast of Japan. Now all that remains is for them to organize amongst themselves.
(Here is the place to decide where you will fit in the future of the New World.)
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• 7/22/2016
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• 6/27/2016

Tell me a joke.

Go on, don't be shy.
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• 4/15/2016

Rhymes with....

Here's a game to pass the time and show that chat and RPs arent the only things you can do here.
So this is pretty simple all you have to do is come up with sentances that rhyme with the famous movie quote:
Snakes on a plane
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• 8/20/2015

Myths To Investigate

Myth name:
Any photo/video evidence:
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• 6/20/2015

TES:Scroll Fighter

Thinkingabout the spinoffs released TES I came up with new one
TES:Scroll Fighter
(Kind of a rip off name of Street Fighter :P)
Anyways what it would be is a fighting game like maybe street fighter, tekken, Soul Calibur etc but with well known TES characters favorites from the series anyways I've made a list of a few I think could be in it as playable characters and I'd like you guys to add your own suggestions form any of the TES games including spin offs and ESO and fighting locations.
(Most of these would be humanoid will add creatures etc later)

Fighting locations (anyplace and time)

High hrothgar
Imperial City Arena
Miraaks Temple
Vvardenfell Ashlands
Almalexias temple in Mournhold
Mania/Dementia border
Valenwood treetop cities
Sunset Isles
Dark brotherhood Sanctuary
Telvani Giant Mushrooms
Vivec City
Soul Cairn
Cloud Ruler Temple
Kwama Egg Mine
in front of a silt strider
Black Marsh marshland
Ayleid Ruin
Dwarves Ruin
Auriels Temple
a random side alley with a single sweetroll on the ground

Tsun (warrior)
Aela (archer)
Ulfric (warrior)
Talos (warrior)
Serana (mage)
Harkon (mage)
Lydia (warrior)
Miraak (warrior, mage)

Nocturnal (mage or rogue)
Azura (mage)
Sheogorath (?)
Mephala (warrior or rigue)
Sanguine (?)
Boethiah (warrior)
Malacath (warrior)
Dark seducers/golden saints (warrior, archer)
Haskil (mage)
Dunmer (and chimer)

Almalexia (?)
Vivec (warrior)
Barenziah (rogue?)
Karliah (archer)
Neloth (mage)

Gray Fox (?)
General Tullius (warrior)
Lucian LaChance (rogue)
Marcurio <3 (mage)

Maiq the liar (rogue?)
The annoying fan (yes I said annoying ,?)
arrow to the knee guard (warrior)
Humanoid creatures

Giants (warrior)
Spriggans (mage claws)
Draugr (warrior, mage)
Skeletons (warrior, mage)
Atonachs (mage)
Falmer (warrior ,mage , acher)
Zombies (claws)
Dragonborn default male/female (warrior)
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• 4/3/2015

Auto correct translated

Since my auto correct is so hard to understand I figured I would make a translation list of things I say (ill add more as I remeber them)

Auto word | Actual word

Yoyo | You
Link | Like
Suing | Using
Sue | use
US | us
Habeas | Have
Since | is
Admit | Damit
Dan | damn(also my old tablets name)
Damon | damn
Ruck | f**k
Erection | any word with "er" in it
Tue | type
Member | remember
Thr | the
Tehran | the
Through | the
wire | weird
Overtime | everytime
words ending in img | words ending in ing
dig |dog
Fallen | kallen
Basin | Wasin
Yet | Yeti
Harkin | Harkon
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• 4/2/2015

Music that suits gaming

I'm always looking for new songs to listen to that fit well with gaming (I make a playlist and play it while playing Xbox)
Has to fit a few factors

have lyrics
be suitable for fantasy which means it should be about some of thse things:
darker side to people
good and bad
(For games like The Elder Scrolls ,Dragon Age , Divinity , Dragons Dogma etc)
If you know any that suit these please left me know
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• 3/30/2015

What song did you last listen to?

Post whatever song you last listened to in full

Bastille-bad blood
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• 2/26/2015

ABC One word Story

Ok so it works like this each person ahs to say a word using either the following alphabet letter or the previous words last letter to write a story
Example or alphabetical order:

1st perosn :A
2nd person :Bear
3rd person :Can
4th person :Dance.
Example of last letter order:

You can mix them so it's like this

Which for the first part the second word started with s then the next word was t which was alphabetical then the never word was e the end the previous world the the next letter was an l the end of es word and so on any mix is fine as long as it's either the previous words ending letter or the next letter Inge alphabet after the previous words lrtter. Stances end with a . And next person can choose anyword to begin next sentence

Starting word

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• 2/25/2015

Nomsense Rules 3

464. Any one found dead will be punished with death, some exceptions.
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• 2/2/2015

Favorite Game CC Designs

I spend ages perfecting every characters appearance that I create in every video games.
Im quite happy with how they look so I thought I'd share a few characters from various games (whose sliders I have written down so that if anyone else wants to recreate them for use in there games they can just ask for the CC sliders)
This is helpful because console players don't in most games have the option to download other players attractive/interesting characters for use in there games.
If anyone has any requests for character looks just ask fell free to post your own characters too , also more kmages may be availible on request:)
-List of games I can do sliders for on request

-Fallout: 3, New Vegas
-TES: Oblivion, Skyrim
-Mass Effect: 1, 2, 3
-Dragon Age: Origins, 2, Inquistion
-Saints Row: 2, 3, 4
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• 2/2/2015

I need a quick favor from someone with copy/paste

I'm writing a new RP but it's in PDF form could someone do me a favor and copy the contents into the rp for me (I have no copy paste)
Lemme know if you would that for me :)
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• 11/15/2014


Every time you get a new song stuck in your head or a song you are currently hearing/interested in post it up. (Can be actual vid, a link or just it's name)
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• 11/12/2014

Nonsesnse Rules 2

338. If you sleep under the bed monsters can't get you.
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• 11/5/2014

Awesomely Bad YOLO Tattoos

So I came up with an idea, if you had to get horrific you only live once (YOLO) tattoos what would they be? (The worse they are the better)

Here are mine

xD chat symbol tattooed on me somewhere
a full body bikik tattoo so I never need to be dressed for swimming
a superhero suit (same as last)
"driving that car driving that car broom broom" with a small cartoon cars car tattooed on my chest or back (it's an add here)
lyrics to it's Friday by Rebecca black tattooed on my forehead with an anime RB next to it
Justin Bieber tramp stamp with Justin Berber "baby" lyrics written in badly translated Japanese
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• 10/30/2014

One Word Story

alrighty you dang capitalist pigs! it is time,time,time! for the one not two not three, the One Word Story! here are the rules are all Stalin shall send you all to the gulag of Siberia!
rule one: it hast to be one word
rule 1.1:you must wait for others to respond
rule 1.1.1:you must never mention the T word(its a joke)
rule a person hasn't responded in at least 48 hours you may add the next word
rule the love of Akatosh only one WORD!or Stalin shall send you to gulag which makes hell and Oblivion look like a home coming party with a nude home coming queen(king for all the straight women reading this lol)
how to play: simply type in one word like this "Stalin" and wait for the next player to add a word until we get a whole sentence/short story like "Stalin shot bob last week."(something this one thought up in three seconds lol)
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• 10/17/2014

When Chat No Work...

When chat doesn't work use this thread messages will be cleared once all users leave/chat resumes working so no worries
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• 10/10/2014

Wise and not so wise words

hey y'all this is Wasin here and he has a idea how about we make up or use words we always use as quotes and just see what crazy quotes we can come up with only this one has it has to be a quote and has to have the person who said it so for instance.
" to those that fall may Azura guide you too calm sunny days and calm moon bright nights,but for those of the living we shall carry on burdening ourselves to honor our dead while they rest in the ash we came from" Nidrendryn
Vola there is your quote once we reach about 20 or 30 quotes we will vote on who has so far made the best quotes
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• 10/7/2014

Skyrim Mod Suggestions

Well Im planning on getting a PC soon so I'm looking for a list mods I should add. I like things that increase the immersion and roleplay feeling of Skyrim as well as lore friendly armor and followers, please post your list of names of mods and where to download them
(And if it requires loverslab because im not likely to be adding that one, want to but well if i get my brother to download my mods for me, that could be awkward to explain xD)
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