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• 8/19/2017


I'm going to be away for the next two weeks (in a few hours time) likelly withou any internet access at all during that time. Please try to remain active as often as you can and i'll (hopefully) see you all when I get back, behave and don't break the wiki or do anything else too stupid or there will be no desert after dinner :P
Seen you all when I get back
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• 4/11/2017

Member Of The Month vote thread

We have re-instated the Member Of The Month or MOTM! This thread is for nominating candidates and voting for the winner. Please do so in the comments and this post will be updated accordingly.

Contents[show]How to nominate
Anyone can nominate anyone as long as the reason is good enough. Try to nominate people who have been busy on the wiki lately or who you think deserves it for their overall work on the wiki. Remember, a person can only be MOTM once, so be sure to check Member Of The Month before you submit!
Your nomination should have:

A heading signifying that it is a nomination, please use two equal sings in the following format: ==Nomination for MOTM==
Name of the nominee in the following format: [["link to the user's profile"|"Their full username"]]
A detailed description of your reason for nominating them.
How to vote
Please use a heading to signify your vote in the following format:

Each person can vote once. Double votes will be removed immediately!
Use with one of these templates to vote, followed with a reason:

{{Support}} Write a reason for support

{{Oppose}} Write a reason for opposition

{{Neutral}} Write a reason for neutrality

Try to give as much detail as possible in your reason for the vote. However if someone has already said everything you were going to, you may just comment your agreement to avoid unnecessary repeating.

Nominations for May 2017
Support= #1
Oppose= none
Neutral= none
Please vote!
I know many of you probably don't want to vote for MOTM, because of the requirement of giving detailed reasoning. This however is somewhat optional. If the nominator has given all the reasoning you yourself have, you may just simply comment your agreement in your vote. So please do vote! I don't want to have to decide the MOTMs on my own

The comments will be purged once a month when a new MOTM is chosen.
You may not nominate yourself!
You may only nominate one person per month but vote for all nominees.
You may use the practice nomination and vote below as formats:
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• 3/22/2017

Possible Name Change

With the overhaul midway the discussion of a wiki name change has once again come up this time witg some interst in the change being Nomlofe (the wiki mascot) related.

JSSnippetsStack.push({dependencies:["/extensions/wikia/AjaxPoll/css/AjaxPoll.scss","/extensions/wikia/AjaxPoll/js/AjaxPoll.js"],callback:function(json){AjaxPoll.init(json)},id:"AjaxPoll.init"})Do you wnat the name change to be 'NomlofeRP'?  Yes for NomlofeRP 7 No for NomlofeRP 0 Yes for Nomlofe but not NomlofeRP 1 Other (please comment) 2 The poll was created at 12:47 on March 22, 2017, and so far 10 people voted. Please wait, submitting your vote...
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• 3/20/2017


Since I have now retired from my mod postion on TES wiki , all my wikia focus will be spent reviving this wiki. Reviving this wiki includes sevral changes I plan to make or am considering this lost will be edited over time ,current changes and suggestions include:


an entirely new color scheme.
Weve had the blue, purple, orange and black color scheme for a long time and its time for new look.

new back ground and banner.
The sweetroll banner and TES map were fun but to go with the new color scheme a new banner and background seem fitting.

more Nomlofe.
Sinc enomlofe is this eikis mascot i thought it would be noce to see more thinsg wuth nomlofe around the wiki possivly even featured as the mouse thingy, our logo or on the banner.


Change of focus
This wiki wiol now be straying away from TES as it's main RP focus, so all boards etc will be recategorised, and the adult board will now be removed entirely all RPs and stories now have to be tween friendly andsuggestions to sexual content are to be inplied but never saidm swearing is still allowed as is the laxed nature of the chat and it's rules.

All inactive threads will be archived to make way for new ones.

I hope tobe able to promote this wiki and draw in new users if you come across anyone you feel would be a nice fit feel free to invite them, if its in anitehr wiki please do not do so in main chats.

Firstly id like to seee people who are misinformed on what RP qctually is to have abetter undertsanding of it and not judge it beofre trying it and secondsly id like to make a framework availible for all RP character forms and rules etc be based off of for ease in the resources board

If you have any serious suggestions to help improve the wiki or comments on any of the above feel free to post, we are all membets of this wiki ,it is not solely my own "do as I please wiki" and your help and support would be greatly appreciated
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• 7/26/2016

Wiki Anniversary

So just letting everyone know the 31st of July (4 days time) is the wikis anniversary this wiki has been going since 2014 and I hope to see as many of our previous users (and any new ones you may wish to invite) in chat during the 31st of July-3rd August
(due to timezones and such the anniversary will extend over several days as it has in the past)
Please if you cna get in contact with any of our regular members off wikia (Facebook etc) ask them to show up as time permits.
Hope to see as many of you during that time as I can Happy Wiki Anniversary everyone
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• 4/15/2016

NationStates Region for this wiki

So we decided to createn a region for this wiki on NationStates. Please vote in the comments for a name for that region.
The region will be password protected, so if you have a nation please request the password from any of the admins in this wiki's chat. If you don't have a nation you can still vote on the name and the issues that come once the region is created.
Region name will be picked on the 22nd so please suggest any serious names you can think for the region in the comments bellow in bold
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• 8/26/2015

Sweetroll Needs Your Help

I was a bit slow adding this to the wiki but hopefully we get in on time guys please vote before it closes and tell all yoir friends (if you have any)
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• 8/5/2015

New Look ,New RPs

With the First Anniversary over its time for a change in appearance ,set-up and bringing the wiki back to life. You'll notice the theme color-scheme and front page have changed a bit. With the front page now featuring new active RPs Fanfic and even Off-Topic threads .I've seletected a few to go on there for now until you guys request/suggest different ones (when we get more that is).
Also I have been doing some general cleanup and archiving around the wiki ,anyone who sees anything they thing that could be cleaned up or removed is welcome to (within reason) or let me know of it. Anyone with any wiki improving ideas is also welcome to also message me with them.
Please if you see any new RPs or feeling like writting any don't hesitate to post them and mention us to any like-minded wikia users who might be interested (and aren't put off by our style) to as well.
See you in chat and/or around the wiki
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• 7/15/2015

One Year Wiki Aninniversary

(I think i spelt that wrong)
Its comeing up one year since tgis wiki was founded and most of us met so im hoping to get our members back into chat between the days of 31st July-3rd August
Namely these users

Lord Vehk
Sky Above,Voice Within
Maximus Vile
Khajiiti nerd
Harkon Romney
If ive missed youre name out and you were one of our regulars, sorry my memory is adverage, oh anx feel free to bring any new friends it will be a 3 day caht party...sort of.
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• 6/12/2015

I've been away...

Ok first off this isn't so much an importanat announcements as it is just explaing why I let the wiki die a bit (you're all now undead :P)
I've been really busy the last few months mostly awayfrom home and when I have been home I've been sorting out things for my business (and I suppose my own) so I haven't had much time to be on here any spare time is it rsleeping or playing/using for business on my laptop (got Sims 3 and almost all the expansions yay!)
Also family dramas (as usual) to make things more annoying I've just recently discovered that Dan (stupid tablet) is broken and keeps turning off randomly and barely works , and can't seem to get my laptop or other tablet to sign in to wikia :(

Anyways ill try to be back on here more regularly (unless tablet won't let me)
So...see you guys in chat (or anyone who has Xbox send me a message on that if you want/need to I've been trying to use that again to let my laptop take a break when I don't need it) :D
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• 3/11/2015

Just a reminder for RPers

Just a reminder to everyone who RPs here, if your RP is inactive (left for 2 months or more without a post or purposely ended) could you please tell me so I can archive it. This also applies to choice adventures.
Thanks :D
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• 10/11/2014


While I know I have said many times we are a ruleless wiki, recently rules have had to be added as were growing and if some small rules arenth put into place now things could get way out of control (and potentially dangerous)
These can be read here Chat_Rules
Don't worry we can still have fun and porn isn't banned, and most spamming etc is still allowed these are just to keep users happy and to make our wiki are little mire professions, were still pretty lax though xD
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• 10/10/2014

Wikia Name Change

We all know that KallenbearRP isn't honestly a good name for this wiki (when I put it together I'll admit that was the most rushed part) since we're getting a bit more popular I think we need a proper name, however the good names have already been taken (TES RP) so we need one that relates to our wiki, which is about Elderscrolls RPing
Once we have a list of suggestions I'll put up a vote the one with the most votes wiki be choosen
(by the 5th of November 2014 which you can vote upon until the 9th of November 2014)
Please leave suggestions here and I will apply to have it changed by wiki on the :10st of November 2014
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• 9/29/2014

Emoticon/Emote Suggestion List

If there is an emote you would like for chat but we don't yet have it, post what it is and what you what to be able to type for it and I'll make it for you.

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• 9/8/2014

Blogs! Important Blogs!

This is quite a big update to announce the new weekly community blog ill be posting with poll stories and more for yall to hate/comment on xD please read them and interact in them each week ok, also i thought idd let you know the meme of the week/dayhas been entirely scrapped and replcaed with a new meme style where you get to create a meme.
Anyways check it ...please (free chat (cookie) for everyone who participates!)
It can be found right on the wikias front page :)
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• 9/7/2014

Meme Update

Due to a lack of contributing from other users (only kallen and yeti seemed to post memes aside from me) im starting to run out of decent TES related memes, so memes are no longer daily but weekly and will be updated every Monday.
Anyone who has any TES related memes are free to let me know and ill add them in the following weeks (will make things easier :p)
Thanks for reading.
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• 8/28/2014


As most user here know chat will sometimes glitch out and not work as far as i know this is a wikia wide issues.
When ever main chat isnt working please use http://preview.kallenbearrp.wikia.com/Special:Chat
if that isnt working please check back later :)
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• 8/15/2014

New Adittions- Memes

As of 6am (NZT) yesterday the front page has been changed so there is now a TES meme of the day everyday a different user will be chosen to pick next days meme, as kallen miri and myself are currently the only RP posters we will be cycled through to pick meme of the day until new users join or users in chat choose who wish to choose meme of the day. Thanks for reading.
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• 8/8/2014

Important Changes

I've been wotking on the wiki recently and again put in big change. The main change is the Forums. The previous forums were mess and time consuming to use, i have since upgraded us to these forums and ask that all posts now be in the correct boards and threads of the forums ,thankyoi for your understanding and please enjoy the new forums.
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• 8/8/2014

Discussions on Wiki Improvement

Any suggestions or comments about the wiki and how to imporve it are to be posted here only, thankyou.
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