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• 11/17/2014

The Paladins of Change

Pre-story: The date is 5E 250, 25th of Evening Star. Tamriel is in a futuristic time period, with airships (imagine a big medieval boat...now add wings at the bottom of the hull and massive magic powered engines on the back) and guns (the first version of a gun ever built...now imagine how it would look like when made out of Dwemer ingots, or made by the Elven, or made by the Orcs or made out of Ebony). Right now the Thalmor are at it again with the whole "kill the Humans" bull**** and so a new breed of heroes have stepped up to the plate. This is their story.
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• 10/8/2014

Larwen's Tale WIP

I add to the story as I go so check back for more
File:Larwens tale updated.pdf
(to read it you have to click the image and let it download)
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• 9/29/2014

The Father

[4E-171] Anvil, a young handsome smooth cheeked 19 year gold hair haired Nord man is fighting for his life against waves and waves of Aldmeri dominion soldiers along side his Imperial and Nord legionnaire brethren, the young Nord blocks a sword strike from a Aldmeri captain with his imperial heavy shield the Nord's heavy Imperial captain's armor is soaked in the blood of both Mer and Men from the brutal battle, he hears a cry of pain and quickly lunges his sword into the Aldmeri captain's heart and turns to run over seeing a friend of his a orc dying" hold on don't die on me damnit !" the Nord yells at Cobgol gro-Luzgoth "its no use im bleeding out go save yourself the rest are retreating we lost Anvil" the middle aged Cobgol says coughing up blood as the nord looks up to see every one else is retreating, he quickly gets Cobgol up putting the orc's arm over his shoulder and helps him walk towards where the legionnaires are retreating too, "come on we can make it don't die on me!"the Nord partly trying to reassure Cobgol and reassure himself that they will survive, for one stressful hour the two continue to travel Cobgol's blood still oozing out of his shoulder and onto the Nord's shoulder the Nord lays him down and hurries to try a make a bandage for him "come on don't die on me"he says tearing off a piece of his leather helmet to bandage his wound, Cobgol grabs the Nord's hand "do not worry about me I've lost too much blood I won't make it.....but you will I ask that you go to High rock and tell my stronghold I have failed them"he says before coughing up blood, he quickly tearing off a necklace around his neck and handing it to the Nord the necklace having a key and a symbol of two axes crossing a mountain "take this to the chieftain he will know what it means" Cobgol says before laying his head down and shutting his eyes.

this this is the story of the young Nord name Arnged Fenrarson, he is
the Father, the Founder and some day our chief. end of prologue

(here is the link to the future RP Information forum as well as info for the fanfic http://kallenbearrp.wikia.com/wiki/Thread:3831)
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• 9/1/2014

The warrior of the South

Prologue a warm wind and the birth of a warrior

A warm wind flows through the east as a Khajiit woman's scream can be heard through out the camp of a trade caravan outside the tent is a Khajiit man pacing back and forth worried about the woman inside and the child she is baring, he sits and waits a healer comes outside and motions him to follow the khajiit father walks in to see his wife laying wrapped in a blanket with a young black furred young khajiit boy in her arms the father smiles "he is perfect love what shall we name our child" the mother smiles "he is strong likes his father this one says we should name Do'samul for he is born to fight he has the eyes of a warrior this one can see it" the father nods and smiles happy to have a son a warrior child.the years pass by as Do'samul becomes a young man wooing young women and practicing to be a true warrior of Eleswyr he practices in the arts of heavy armor block one handed and two handed perfecting those skills at the age 18 when he begins to travel on his own,
chapter one the journey begins

Do'samul now 19 his father passes away of old age alongside his mother who dies of heart ache Do'samul can remember the whole event of their funeral the warm sands the burial of his mother and his father Do'samul has never really spoken about either, Do'samul now having nothing to tie him to Eleswyr he leaves for Cyrrodil to look for work wearing his new advanced steel armor, He arrives in Kvatch and then finally to outskirts of Bravil, Where he meets a Imperial jewelry merchant who was captured and tortured by bandits Do'samul quickly and swiftly slays the bandits and helps Impes Vulpes a 29 year old short black haired Imperial once apart of a rich merchant family who was kicked out after his own parents had died one from a bandit raid the other of old his family kicked him out when he was young he now barely making ends meat, Do'samul takes the Imperial to a healer and leaves him there, Two days past before Impes Vulpes awakes in the temple and then goes to look for the khajiit who saved his life to find Do'samul at the local tavern talking with a young redguard Woman the Imperial and khajiit talk almost all night both telling each other their life stories Impes decides to travel with Do'samul but firsts learns to how to become a archer, After a month of training Impes becomes a skilled archer and travels with Do'samul to first Hammerfell and then to Skyrim,
Chapter two the sands of Hammerfell
as the duo arrive in Hammerfell and travel to the city of taneth with fresh game and the scalp of a bandit chief they travel inwards into Taneth, but something seems to catch Do'samul's eye a young Imperial woman from Cyrodil, her name Viollicia vivetius and she is on a visit to Taneth along with her family she is a of a large noble house in Cyrodil a rich and powerful merchant family who trades will all provinces especially with Hammerfell and Alinor,"brother we are here to get our payment for the bounty and nothing else"Impes says as Do'samul takes his gaze off Viollicia "and what is wrong with this one finding a woman"Do'samul says in response is mind stilling wondering towards Viollicia as her eye catches Do'samul she smiles a little a handsome Khajiit and not a thief like most of his kind,Do'samul and Impes finish their transaction in the governor's palace and head back out into the streets as Do'samul looks to find Viollicia as Impes goes too the markets to buy arrows and supplies, Viollicia spots Do'samul and with a smile she approaches him wearing a long blue very expensive silk gown "well aren't you a strong one" she says with a giggle as Do'samul smiles at her compliment "this one keeps strong to face his foes as do all warriors do" he responds in kind yes he will do perfectly she thinks to herself and says"mmmm but there is another strength in you I can feel it from here" Do'samul smiles "impressed with Khajiit strength and spirit" he says "mmmm very"she says motions him to follow her as she leads him to the manor they are staying she shoos her servants away before inviting Do'samul (do to rating this one will not mention what happened lol),Impes continues to look for Do'samul brother where did you go!? "Do'samul! Do'samul!"he shouts into the streets looking for him, Do'samul wakes up slowly feeling her soft skin on his fur and muscles her head on his shoulder "so very strong"she says softly into his ears" your skin is so soft" he says in honest amazement having fallen for her seduction he is all mine now good i will use him well she thinks to herself as she runs her hand down his chest,Impes continues searching for Do'samul asking people on the street as he walks up to beggar "have you seen a black furred khajiit his name is Do'samul he wears full steel plate armor"he asks the beggar nods and points to the nearby manor great he fell for that woman didn't he,Do'samul smiles and gets up out of bed giving her a soft kiss on the lip before getting dressed and walking towards the door "actually may I ask a favor of you"she says "this one would do anything for you"he says as he turns around to stare at her still uncovered body he smiles "I need some one to protect me from bandits on my way back to Cyrodil" she says with a smile "there will a course be more of this if you agree plus many septims" she answers "Do'samul will need to talk to Impes first" he answers back "I see well not worry I will not be leaving soon my warrior" she says as she spreads her legs as Do'samul eyes grow wide again"Do'samul should best go find him and hurry back"he says "yes please do I cannot wait forever"she says softly smiling at him as he walks out and into the streets finding Impes"what in oblivion were you doing in there" Impes says frustrated"nothing just"Do'samul say before being interrupted by Impes"bedding that Imperial no doubt what were you thinking never mind I don't want too know"Impes says angrily "this one has got us a job for us Brother"Do'samul says"ohh and what is it how much are we getting paid and who is the one hiring us Brother?" Impes says inquisitively
chapter three the return to cyrrodil
three days have passed Impes stay in a room at the manor as Do'samul stays with Viollicia in her room as the caravan outside is loaded and ready to go to the lands of Cyrrodil,"Do'samul has been too Cyrrodil once where he has met his brother Impes Vulpes" he says holding young Viollicia close to him her soft skin against his fur and muscles "and why do you call a Imperial your brother when you are Khajiit" she asks running her hands up and down his chest" Do'samul saved his life and we became friends both of us lost family so we became each other's family" he answers as she smiles sooner or later he will be needed to dragged out of the family she thinks to herself as pulls him on top of her "how about another round before the trip" she ask as Do'samul nods (and time skip because well does Wasin really need to explain why lol),the next morning Do'samul and Impes sit in the leading carriage as Viollicia talks with her father in center carriage " ohh he will do fine he has fallen head over heels for me "she says with a smirk to her father Provortius "good though what about Impes what about him"he asks "ohhh we will deal with him in time"she answers back,Impes looks to Do'samul "I don't trust these people this caravan is acting like a war is going on" Impes says "all she needs is us to get her caravan to safety"Do'samul answers "oh and then what will she have you do lick her feet"Impes says angrily back "she is good to Khajiit"Do'samul says back calmly "then why is she with her father and not with you"Impes says inquisitively "Do'samul doesn't know" he says wondering wonder why she is with her father and not with this one Do'samul thinks to himself,"hmmm well look at that they are headed straight for cyrrodil"the mysterious Khajiit man says and sees Do'samul"a fellow Khajiit a warrior hmmmm will haft to figure out how to deal with him he will definitely not be easy for Kia'tho"Dar'Kia'Tho says to himself Dar'Kia'Tho has been sent on a mission by the Thalmor to find a wealthy family connected to the Empire to convince to secretly give intelligence and supplies for the Dominion "why is it all ways fellow Khajiit who cannot see that the Dominion is what is giving us wealth not the Empire not our swords but the elves are what truly give us money and power "he says to himself carefully watching the caravan, three days pass and yes Viollicia has yet to visit Do'samul she stays alone in her private carriage almost home and i can throw out Impes and keep Do'samul he will make a fine pet for a Khajiit she thinks to herself as she lays in her small bed in the carriage, Impes sits with Do'samul in back of the carriage they are riding in" Cyrrodil once my home now just another destination wonder if uncle still runs the family trading business he stole from me"Impes says "if only he knew you are now a very good archer a warrior of the bow" Do'samul says back with smile Impes smiles back his pride returning to him "heh guess your right I improved my status in the world from just a merchant to being also a warrior of the bow"Impes replies back "this job is almost over I hear some on in high rock needs us to take out a forsworn chief" Impes says back "forsworn those tribes in skyrim that claim a large part of it belongs to them killing many stand in their way"Do'samul says inquisitively"yep those forsworn apparently a noble in daggerfall wants one of their chief's killed as way to say the Forsworn will not be welcome in his noble house in Daggerfall"Impes answers Do'samul smirks"will be fun to face those briar hearts and chieftains heh maybe even make this one pant a little"Do'samul says with a smirk finally a challenge worthy of Do'samul's blade he thinks to himself as they keep moving onward getting closer and closer to the Imperial city as Dar'Kia'tho continues following them silently,in the imperial city Arena district "Hey stop theif!"a gambler yells out as a young 18 year old Khajiit woman runs away carrying his coin purse she slips away into the darkness she heads back to her home which is orphanage in the temple district as she turns around she sees the large caravan coming in with a strong Khajiit warrior in Advanced steel plate armor and a Imperial in elven armor riding in the first carriage I bet there is plenty of money to be found there she says as she follows it to the market district as she watches the Khajiit and Imperial dismount the carriage and head to a tavern, She follows them in and watches Do'samul sit down at the counter and orders a bottle of colovian brandy maybe I should ask him first she thinks to herself as she walks up to him adjusting her tavern dress she stole a few days ago she walks up to Do'samul as seductively as she can with a smile "your new here handsome?"she says letting her hands wander up and down his arms Do'samul looks to her "Khajiit is not very new his name is Do'samul Warrior of the south" he answers looking her over a little she smiles at him" I see been awhile since I have met a fellow Khajiit and one from Elsweyr no less I am curious is what they say it is" she asks sitting on his knee "Elsweyr is this one's home yes and it is where a non perfect society lives..." he sighs "more true then ever before thanks to the Dominion" he says "so your one of the men guarding that big caravan?" she whispers in his ear reaching down rubbing his chest plate "yes this one guards the caravan for Viollicia vevetius"he answers as she gives him a sly smile "wow the Vevetius's are very powerful merchant family definitely ones to hire big strong guards" she says back leaning in whispering more and more in his ear playfully and suggestively,Impes sits in corner speaking with one of the other caravan guards" ohh yeah Do'samul isn't the first or last to fall for her" the guard says "I need to tell Do'samul about this" Impes responds and gets up and turns to see Do'samul following the Khajiit woman to the upper room "or let him look for some one that will actually love him" he says,"now let me take that burden off you"She says taking off his armor her dress having nearly fallen off all ready "Do'samul never caught your name" he asks "mmmm don't worry about it till morning dear"she says leading him towards the bed unclothed laying down on her back spreading her legs.
Chapter four the connections make the man
three days after Dar'Shia'to's run in with Do'samul she back into the streets as she sees a Khajiit man stands there watching the caravan talking with its owner Viollicia a Khajiit like me hmmm and watching the caravan too Shia thinks to herself and goes to following the caravan ,Do'samul and Impes walk along side the other guards as they head into the center not paying attention to Dar'Kia'tho moving through the crowd as he is being followed by Dar'Shia'to so your after the prize too huh well more completion for me she thinks to herself as she ducks into alley not noticing she is now being followed by Dar'Kia'tho who spotted her a few minutes ago a Imperial spy she is Khajiit guesses he thinks to himself "a pretty one too"he whispers to himself following her from a distance,a hour later Dar'Shia'to heads back to her small run down home she owns why can't I have a nice home like those thieves guild members have she thinks to herself sighing, Dar'Kia'tho watches her enter the house no way is she a Imperial spy she lives here he thinks to himself with a smirk as he begins to walk away heading back to find Viollecia time to recruit a asset and make this one some gold he thinks to himself. Do'samul sits on a chair by Impes "so to the Reach after this?" Impes asks taking a small sip of water from his flask "sounds good to Do'samul" Do'samul answers back "you know I could have been one of the richest men in the Imperial city have a wife kids a manor outside the city in the country have everything I could everything I would ever want....but yet I feel more whole traveling with you brother" Impes says "same with this one except for the riches part" Do'samul says halfway serious halfway joking they both laugh and continue guarding the lead wagon watching Dar'Kia'tho walks by bumping into a old nord man "Do'samul thinks you should watch where your going"Do'samul walking over helping the old nord man up" easy wise one" Do'samuls say to the nord "thank you kind warrior" the nord man says "this one thinks your in the way" Dar'Kia'tho says to the old man and Do'samul "and this one thinks you should be dragged by your ass to the nearest sewer to be humbled" Do'samul says very aggressively "alright alright Khajiit will watch where he is going from now on" Dar'Kia'tho says damn fool getting in Khajiit's way then this warrior Khajiit comes to tell Dar'Kia'tho to back off Kia'tho thinks to himself walking away and continues heading for Viollecia soon this one will be king and weak peasants like them will kneel to Dar'Kia'tho he thinks to himself with a smirk,"thank you kindly warrior I just came back from a trip from Daggerfall I didn't even see the Khajiit walking towards me" the nord says a bit ashamed even though it is not his fault "do not be ashamed be proud of yourself as Do'samul is proud of you" Do'samul says seeing the sword cut scar across his face " we are both warriors yes"the nord answering the unspoken question Do'samul has just asked "your race are known for your warriors as Do'samul's are known for thievery " Do'samul replies "well its good to see not all Khajiit follow that life style"the nord says before walking away giving Do'samul a wave good bye as Do'samul returns it,(hour later) "so for as much information and supplies we can give to the Aldmeri wet get power and money yes" Viollecia asks the Khajiit stranger "ohh yes and so much more from both this one and the great Dominion" Dar'Kia'tho says selling it as much as he can take the damn bait you damned spoiled brat he thinks to himself still worked up from the old man and Do'samul, both of them have still not noticed that Do'samul came in to visit Viollecia "WHAT!?" Do'samul nearly yells scaring Viollecia as Dar'Kia'tho flees "Do'samul its not what you think" she pleas "this one heard it all the damn Dominion your a selfish fool to accept their damned offer they but Do'samul's people in chains!"he yells at her "guards!"she yells as they come to stop Do'samul as arrow flies past the guards nearly hitting Viollecia in the heart "arrest my brother and your dead understand" Impes says calm but with a hint of anger I dare you just think about moving the pretty little head and watch as my arrow strikes true through your black heart Impes thinks to himself with a smirk already having his second arrow drawn and ready as Do'samul draws his dwarven long sword "shall we leave Do'samul's brother" Do'samul asks "lets" Impes answers as they begin to walk out the guards not even attempting to secure either one of them.(chapter five Thor's day if this one can get the time remember to vote if you really want it before next week)
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