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• 5/24/2016

TNA2 Ideas

I was thinking more about how the Werebears were the equivalent of the Medieval Knights and Native-Americans and how the Werewolves were basically a semi-wild pack of furious foes and I think I came up with a possible source of inspiration for their conflict.
The Crusades of the East and West.
A centuries long battle over survival not just of their species, but of their ideals too.
Well for the earlier centuries of wolves they kille dmany of the bears cubs but before that they were also members of the council savage but slight more tsme than they are now
Thats what i was going for anywwy
That's alright for a simplistic kind of backstory for their conflict, though I think we can do much better then a simple vendetta.
Yeah but then it changes them entirely and the wolves now dont care at all for others beliefs on fighting...though if they were once a noble race maybe they couldve fought iver ideals
It did say one the pages that it's still a work in progress and was subject to change for a reason.
To expand upon the source material steadily.
To breath more life into it.
Yeha mlst pages are still works in progress
Mor eineterstung that way
Yep, yep.  :)
First things' first though - geographic-locations, indepth-lore and factions.
Btw, what did you think of the Cascade Mountain Range GB?
Interesting but i didnt see any kind sof cuty locations there
That's the point for many of these werebears and werewolves - many have main bases and theaters of skirmishes within the wilderness cause if they kept doing them within civilization that'll make the government and civilians crack down on them harder then usual.
It can even be played out as a formal-agreement of engagement between the two races to mostly settle differences in the wilderness, yet if it was ever in a highly populated area within society those who've engaged in it will be liable to severe punishments by their respectable peers.
Exceptions for engaging within the city is if it's in a low-populated and mostly isolated area.
And seeing as most (human) people resent and/or fear them they can care less what they do to each other far away from their communities seeing as they're indifferent and overall see it as a way of "thinning the packs and tribes" so to speak.
I was thinking of adding something about a possible war because one side neraly revealed all fo there species to humans
Bears and wolves dont fight noe
Go on, please.
I mena wolves will figut anything they belive is worthy but bears on fight in defense if wolves attack them or inocents
Prior to the de humans didnt kniw about them and since the de was only 7 years earlier
I forgit wher ei was going with that
My attentuon is currnetky elsewhere
There could be a large-scale conflict that pushes the werebears to retaliate then.
Laterer on or in the earliest centuries
Becaus ei was thinking the other night about some big war which actualky caused the vampires to make the first submortald
( a fact forgten by everyone
Go on.
Its actuakky a dream i had tbh
This wa s afew days ago
The wolves and bears were slaves to the vampires
The wol es rebeled
And started a huge war
And the bears and vamps being unabke to contain them and with a few beras starting to rebel the vampires created the submortals ot fight them
But theyre plan backfired and the submortals spreaded to humans who were led to beilve it was just a plague
Eventually they were contained though
The rets of the detaiks im a bit fuzzy on as i cnat rmeber tye rest of the dream
I love it!


I wrote the dream down when i woke up, ill see if i cns find it later and gleam some mor einfo out of it
We can even add a slave-revolt that made the weres ideal allies, but as soon as they were freed they had such varying degrees of ideals and natures that forced them to become sworn enemies not to long after.
I hope one of us is taking notes about all of these possibilities lol.
Yeha like the bears and wolves started rebeling together but the bears has been closer more obedient servanst of the vsmpires and agreed to return ti the vamps as allies rather than enemies and they formed the council, the vampires agreed on this as they need help capturing the submortals, the idea was ot cure them but they were ne er able to do it bakc then with the limited technology but the wolves refused to bow to any masters and became savage and wild
Ill copy paste
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• 4/20/2016

Tales of Galadria

Set 50 years into the future, in a big fictional western city Galadria. There are 3 layers of Galadria=
Underground/top ground = the hood. The hood is basically the burned ruins of old Galadria. The poor people live there. The new Galadria is built on top of it so it's always dark.
A new layer of Galadria, that's built on top of the hood, completely out of metal = Upper City. The middle class people live there. Unlike the old world below Upper City has completely embrased the new technology. In addition to the middle class most of the infrastructure, businesses and industry are located on this layer. Hood people are allowed in certain places of the upper city, mostly public places where the entry is free like markets, parks, shopping centers, sports arenas etc. However most privately owned businesses have banned hood people, this includes certain stores in shopping centers.
Floating metal islands above the city = Serenity Tier. The rich people live here. Hood people are banned completely from Serenity City. Exception can occur such as a rich person inviding a hood person to perform a job for them but they will be guarded at gun point at all times and escorted out when they're done. Serenity Tier has it's own town hall, social services post office, hospital and a few high class stores, but for other services they have to go down to the Upper City. Most privately owned research labs are located here, usually in close proximity to the owner's house.
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• 4/20/2016

The New Age RP (TNA2)

Contents[show]Please only apply if you're genuinely interested in roleplaying (that means reading everything listed below as well as the rules
History and setting
The world is a dangerous place, and not just because of all the therianthropites, vampires, zombies and such roaming around. No, it was dangerous long before the Discovery Event. Politics and land wars had the country on the brink of destruction. It was only a matter of time before the small civil war broke out into an international crisis because of the Discovery Event.
That's when the world learned the truth about us: we are real. We had finally revealed ourselves (though in a less than pleasant way in my opinion). First were zombies. Well, not intentionally. The vampire masters The High Council thought we had them controlled in the underground contaiment cells. Sadly, a very angry and vengeful pet released them, unwittingly setting them loose on the pet's own race; humans. The zombies tore flesh and bodies to shreds, their cannibalistic hungers never satisfied. And worse still, the bodies that weren't fully mangled returned to life continuing the zombie plague.
The other Vampires deep in the internal politics of the human societies spun webs of lies of a bio weapon designed to control dead flesh, a cover for our own mistakes. It would have worked had the werewolves and werebears not gotten involved. The wolves saw it as a chance to finally stop pretending to be dog training vagrants and bikers and make their presence known through fighting, whilst the bears simply wanted to protect the humans, sending the dead back 6ft under (or rather a lot more than that). It wasnt long before the humans saw this as an invasion of “hell sent freaks”, most claiming it to be the end of days, but some found it exciting as if all their romantic movies were made real. That was mostly because my fellow vampires have a great deal of influence in the media too, we were planing on soon making our presence known and perhaps to easily slip in society, accepted more or less, only it wasnt that easy, as nothing ever is.
It all truly turned insane when some of my fellows made their presence known over the 6 oclock news broadcast. People were in shock, it was a chaotic event the chaotic event the Discovery Event. Eventually we vampires found a way to control and tame the zombies hungers, just as our own blood desires were calmed down (by the synthetic blood drink we had kept secret among ourselves since the early 1990's named Synthblood) the drug which reactivated the zombies dead brains forming new brain cells and taking away their mindless base desires for flesh and preventing it from being spreadble we called Serenity. They still felt cravings, but over time and careful control in lab facilities (for the ones who still remained ordered captured) they learned how to once again exist in society. Most of them anyway. Many disapeared and many bodies were never found which often resulted in isolated areas being dangerous “death zones” just waiting to be unintentionally discovered.
The humans were weary and unhappy about the living dead among them, though the benefits of cheap labour seemed to out weigh the risks and in time they served in the menial jobs most humans refused to do as second class citizens, or in jobs where the employer wished to save money on cheap workers.
The Discovery Event became a war between humanity and the zombies but really it was more a slaughter; the zombies would accept no surrender (or rather they couldn't) and those who fell to them would mostly become the very thing they fought against.
Humans had formed a make shift militia of anyone able to fight. Some were assisted by the werebear clans who were protectors, guardians, peacekeepers. They only wished to protect those who needed it, while the werewolf packs saw it as a chance to fight their long hated enemy: the zombies (and anyone else who got in there way).
As for the vampires we stuck to what was profitable, which was obviously not the zombies in their flesh hungry mindless state. But humans weren't all entirely trustful of these new “allies” and often it wasn't always zombies who fell to human attacks. Even After 7 years much of that prejudice still remains .

Zombie (officially the undying. but no one calls them that except vampires of the High council
Undead, mindless humans brought back from the dead as a result of an infection given to them by another zombie during life. Their purpose is to continuously eat the flesh of the living (they don't tend to attack vampires because they too are undead). They are returned to their humanity through use of the drug Serenity that keeps their cravings at bay, but those who don't take it return to their zombie ways. They are hated and distrusted by most ,can only take lower jobs and are closely watched to ensure they don't return to their zombie ways. As a result they are paid less than humans and treated as second class citizens. They can live for hundreds of years until decay finally properly sets in and they begin to truly die. They have standard human names. Slanderous names for zombies are brainless, walking corpse, meatbag and coldbbody .

Werebears live in clans and are born werebears. They are strong guardians and only fight to protect others. They keep to themselves in isolated communities. Mostly nomadic until they are fully trained in their own ways and those of human society once they are trained, then go into human society as security workers, bouncers, bodyguards and policemen. Prior to the DE they kept their species secret, but now by law they must inform humans of their species. Humans are not fully trustful of them because they are strong and not human. They arent vicious like werewolves but they are still not fully trusted more because of werewolves than themselves. They are people that can turn into intellegent bears different from normal bears in that their eyes are the same as their human ones and their fur is shorter than a normal bear and the same colour as there natural human hair color. Thier life spans are the same as humans. They have human first names and once they've proven themselves they get a new name based on their best virtue and no surname. Name pairs are unique so only one person can ever have a specific name; the same combination cannot be used until 100 years later (ex:Brooke Loyal) Slanderous names for werebears are furball, salmon face, rug, chewy.

Werewolves live in packs and are born werewolves. They constantly train and desire to fight. They can shift into large wolves who (like werebears) are only differenet to natural wolves by their size and fur color and eyes like human eyes. They dont tend to take jobs in human society, but instead travel around in gangs earning money in fights, wrestling, and bets; accompanied by their dogs mostly to disguise the facts they're werewolves. They use the DE as a way to reveal their true nature and a chance to fight zombies, who the vampires had banned them from fighting long ago. Humans dislike their violent lifestyle and the fact that they always look for fights. This also taints their view on werebears who they assume to be the same as them. Their lifespans are the same as humans, their names are human first names. Their best fighting trait is their true name followed by their pack name (ex: Dean "sharpclaw" Shadowrun). Slanderous names for werewolves are furball (shared by werebears), puppy, whelp, doggie, lapdog.

Vampires have always been amoung human society, often unknown to most humans as they hold high roles in human society, usually as lawyers, scientists, businessmen, politicians and in the media business. All vampires require the constant flow of blood in their bodies and since their state of unearth they are enable to make it them selves. They have fangs to extract blood from human sources. In recent decades most have moved on to drinking a synthetic blood, Synthblood, in place of human blood. Vampire society is a shadowy highclass life style. Vampires have human "pets" and control a large deal of human society. Most are disliked by humans, yet many like them as the media has been manipulated in their favor. Vampires are strictly controlled by the High Council who decide upon rules that govern vampires, such as turning humans into vampires (only one human is allowed to be turned per vampire and usually not until the vampire has met certain conditions of respect and renown among vampire society). They are immortal but often after a 1000 years tireof immortality and bury themselves in coffins for permanent sleep. They can be killed but not through age or disease (they share all the same traits as other media vampires except transform in into bats). Their names are those they had as humans. Slanderous names for vampires are bloodsucker, mosquito , batface, snowskin.

Humanity. Standard humans. They vary in belief but all were effected by the DE and most hate or at least fear zombies. Their names are standard human names. Slander towards humans from others tends to be comments on humans inferiority. Ironically, humans consider the others as inferior to themselves (with the exception of most pets, who view all others as superior to themsleves with vampires as the highest). Werewolves, zombies and vampires will, on occasion, mock humans by calling them food (werewolves don't actually eat people and vampires only drink form them) thehumans are mixed in belief some accepting and others hateful of the other races

Human Pet
Part of the vampire society, human pets are the companions, servants, and human agents , children for some vampires (the children pets) and even lovers to others (the older pets). Pets go places vampires can't. Many pets don't view themselves as slaves, or at least not those born into it or those raised as pets. Some pets are trying to spark a revolution agaist vampires to ban their right to have pets (each vampire can only legally have one pet). Pets are usually those who join as a contract to clear themselves of debts or children born into it to pet parents or orphaned children. Most have their own first names, but take the surnames of their first master (ex: Rana of Martina Daven). Slanderous names for pets are slave, chewtoy, bloodbag.
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• 4/19/2016

Chat RP (Please join everyone)

Wednesday 20.April, 9 am UTC
Wednesday 20.April, 21:00 NZST
Wednesday 20.April, 12 pm EEST
Wednesday 20.April, 4 am EST
Edit: Due to Wikia having problems we will push back the RP to start and hour later
ps: do your own damn math this time! xD
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• 3/8/2015

Kaizoku ...no ano Bara (Pirates of the Roses)

Ever wanted to see pirates with chivalry? there are some, they are the pirates of Bara (rose). They are more like a brotherhood of knights than pirates. but there are two Kaizoku ...no Bara. One are called the Shiroi Bara (White Rose) and the others called Kuroi Bara (Black Rose). the Shiroi are more like the Navy than pirates and the Kuroi are more like Demons than pirates. These two groups are considered to be two of the three major powers in the world. The Shiroi rule the top half of the world's oceans, Kuroi the bottom half, and the Navy rules the middle.
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• 2/27/2015

Okoku ...no Misuteri description

Okoku is a spin off Rp of the One Piece series, I will begin the explanation.
Seas: East Blue

West Blue
North Blue
South Blue
Grand Line
All Blue (its just a "myth")
Calm Sea (no wind, no current, you ship won't move unless you paddle)

Islands: Grand Line islands:

Skypiea (Sky Island)
Sabaody Archipelago
Enies Lobby
Fishman Island
Kuraigana Island
Cactus Island
Drum Island
Long Ring Long Land
Little Garden
Boin Archipelago
Foolshout Island
Karakuri Island
Kyuka Island
Momoiro Island
Namakura Island
Nanimonai Island

Now the # of Devil Fruit powers is the same as the Anime and Manga, some of the fruit are different. There are 40 Devil fruits. The Navy and Government have the "Pluton" a super weapon that could end the age of pirates, they have entrusted it to Katayama Nori when they made her the 1st Warlord of the Sea. I will explain the islands in greater detail later
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• 2/22/2015

Okoku ...no Misuteri (Realm of Mystery)

It is a Realm of Mystery some say, some say it's a Realm of Dreams. But in this age of Piracy there is always room for the unexplained and for dreams. Such as the very legend that started this age of Piracy, the legendary treasure of captain Klei and his crew.
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• 2/19/2015

Just the Beginning (Choice Adventure) (R16+)

This is a choice adventure type story game. If you don't know what that it check this out. I will put up options of what will happen and you will choose what you want to happen. The highest voted choice will win. It is also set just before an apocalypse where people will be infected with a disease which will make them hungry for human flesh. These people will do whatever it takes to eat you, so the best way to survive is to not be spotted. I've also set up a blog for our characters equipment, stats, etcetera.
It was a cold Thursday on October 17, 2027 at South Carolina's Allendale Correctional Facility for:
A: Men
B: Women
(This decision will determine characters gender)
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• 2/2/2015
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• 1/6/2015

Nightmare Character Forms

Faction (optional):
Lover (optional):

Races allowed: -Elf


Special Races allowed: Were-Dragon

Were-Serpent (Kol'Sooka only)
Were-Phoenix (Sholo only)
Were-Thunder Bird (Electrigo Gotreoh only)
Were-Archangel (Toka Shemoro only)
Were-Archdemon (Sootogako only)

Elemental Masters: Fire (Sholo only)

Water (Kol'Sooka only)
Light (Toka Shemoro only)
Lightning (Electrigo Gotreoh only)
Nightmare (Sootogako only)
Wind (Tozee Al'Kosheera only)
Spirit (Fugo Saro only)
Will (Soku only)
Magic (Zoku only)
Sand (Keeloja Monoga)
Earth (Sho'Te'No'Gotsu only)
Purity (Floska only)
Corruption (Moli only)
Dreams (Su'to'ga'kuri only)

Forbidden Elements: Holy (Icentia only)
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• 1/6/2015

Nightmare Rp

For Info about Nightmare, click this link: [[1]]
(this is a R16+ Rp, I accidently put it here, please limit the sexual activity, the only things allowed are moderate details such as breast grabbing or rubbing the crotch through the pants, when they go to undress you can describe that then add a time skip to skip the sex scene)
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This post is locked.
• 12/25/2014

Dark Void

A group of High Class demons (and Demoness's) have decided to have some fun, and fuck up Earth (just a different version of this one) while (as usual) a group of "heroes" decide to say "fuck it, let's save Earth bitches!" and fight against the High Class demons
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• 11/14/2014

Fallout Brisbane (Maximus Vile's Thread)

War, war never changes, while America underwent a baptism of fire underneath the wheight of atomic weaponry, Australia disintergrated into an anarchic state. People ran for shelter as the the vapors from America and across the world, leaving Australia irradiated.
In the year 2157, the mining city of Rockhampton awakened and mobilised, conquering nearby towns and settlements in the name of democracy. As their territory expanded, they found themselves in need of fresh food, water and electricity. They found their answer in Brisnane. The city wasn't hit by atomic weapons, but generations of scavengers has rendered vast parts of the city decrepid. 
In 2234, the republic arrived in Brisbane and found it a bustling metropolis under the watchful eye of Harrison Wilkes, an old world mining company executive, new world dictator. Wilkes runs Brisbane through his rag tag militia. The Republics  arrival to the city gave a new era of prosperity. 
In 2257 however the Empire Of King Charles Kramer arrived. Intial attemtpts to dissuade the Empire and negotiate with it were rendered useless, all ambassadors and diplomats sent returned missing limbs and eyes, the Empires ideaoligie dictated that there could only be one power.The Imperial forces immediately set about taking the south side of Brisbane and attempted to secure the north to no avail, the Republic destroyed all 37 bridges over the mighty Brisbane River. 
The Empire itself is forged on Charles Kramers ideas on the British Empire, deciding it to be the best way to govern the worlld. Kramer began in the Tweed Valley, before later conquering the Gold Coast strip. Using the pacific motorway, Kramer marched his troops to Logan, brutally pacifying it by enslaving the population. He and his redcoats marched on south Brisbane and have been trapped there ever since.
A stalemate has formed, as well as tensions between Brisbanes locals and the Republics, with the locals fearing annexation by the Republic. Meanwhile Imperial troops bombard the north shore with their howitzers.
The stalemate has continued, till now with Kramer sending his favorite general, Marshal Howard "the snake" Blackmoor arriving, and open warfare between the gangs of Brisbane and the Republic. It will be all out war soon, but we all know, war, war never changes.
Factions you can choose:
Imperial Army Corps
Rockhampton Defense Force
Brisbane Militia
Sub factions to be wary of:
The Yanks, a group decended from American soldiers based in Australia.
The Tunnelers: A gang of theives who hide in Brisbanes train and sewerage tunnels.
The High Flyers: People who occupy Brisbanes International and Domestic airports.
The Flying Docs: A group descended from the Royal Flying Doctors. They control all of Brisbanes hospitals.
The O'Dougals, mobsters who control Fortitude Valley, the red light district.
Kangaroo Point Rangers, a sniper group allied with the Empire.
Independent Towns:
Kangaroo Point: HQ for the Kangaroo Point Rangers.
Ferny Grove: Located on the northern fringe of Brisbane.
Samford: An important Republic trade hub far out in the forest.
Queen Street: An urban ghetto
Newmarket: An agricultural centre
Roma Street: An agricultural powerhouse.
Central: A former train station, now a hive of crime
The Valley: A red light district controlled by crimminals. 
Suncorp Stadium: An arena for people to fight to the death
Character Sheet
Race/Appearence: (Caucasian, Asian, Black, Aborigine, Indian, American)
Weapons: (Nothing too Op like a fat man or a minigun)
Faction Chosen:
1. I am your god, so deal with it.
2. Can't simply eliminate an entire gang or group without my say so
3. Can't kill off the big 3 (3 major leaders Marshal Blackmoor, Harrison Wilke and the Republics General Astley)
4. Can't be a god
5. Don't be too much of a dick
(I think this is all thanks for reading)
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