• High Goddess Venus-Afrodite-Finelia

    I know many of you probably don't want to vote for MOTM, because of the requirement of giving detailed reasoning. This however is somewhat optional. If the nominator has given all the reasoning you yourself have, you may just simply comment your agreement in your vote. So please do vote! I don't want to have to decide the MOTMs on my own.

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  • SirHadesOfNod

    Being brave

    April 11, 2017 by SirHadesOfNod

    "Courage is being scared, but saddling up anyways" John Wayne

    We've all had to do something that scares us, and we don't want to do it. There are those who just skip out, and pass it along to someone else. Others, usually the procrastinators, will say they will do it later. There are others who will do it, but they need to be pushed hard.

    Then the last group, the ones who, even while shaking in there boots, and wishing they didn't have to go and, in the worlds of my grandfathers hero, John Wayne, "Saddle up anyways". They are braver then anyone else, because they were afraid, but they shoved that fear aside, and did what they had to.

    Bravery and courage has nothing to do with your great deeds or achievements. People always think it's the acti…

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  • SirHadesOfNod


    April 7, 2017 by SirHadesOfNod

    Today's Friday! Yay!

    This is a short blog post, as I didn't make one yesterday, and as such, will have no quote related to it.

    Annnnndddd..... Class is over! Next!

    For anyone who is wondering, I'll be in chat most of the weekend, so if you need to talk to me I'll be there.

    As I really didn't have a topic planned, I might aswell give you a description of the weather currently in Minnesota.



    There, done.

    This blog is redefining the word "short".

    And I know have a science quiz, so I believe I'll be cutting off this blog right here.

    If anyone has a topic you'd like me to talk about, comment down below. Hades, God, King, And master Of the Underworld has spoken! (talk) 16:00, April 7, 2017 (UTC)

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  • SirHadesOfNod

    "Bystanders are worse then a bully, at least the bully is actively participating in the activity"

    !Warning!: This blog talks about a subject that may be sensitive to some people emotionally, if you think it might, please don't read this, I don't want to have to go through and fight in the comments.

    Before someone who is a victim of bullying comments down bellow with;"Hades, you've never been bullied! You have no right to talk about how much it hurts!". I'll tell you right now, I spent most of my elementary school life being bullied one way or another, and it continued on into middle school. I know how much it hurts, especially when no one helps you.

    In health class, we watched a video about a girl who was being bullied, called very bad words…

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  • SirHadesOfNod

    "Our task must be to free ourselves by widening or circle of compassion to embrace all of living creatures"-Albert Einstein-

    This entire blog post was sparked by a discussion discussion between me and Blitzbear93. This is a slight amount of rambling.

    We were discussing human sexuality, and Blitz asked why only human sexuality is ever talked about. Why not animal sexuality? Are humans the only ones that have a sexual orientation? No, we're not. There is countless evidence that animals occasionally engage in gay/lesbian sex.

    We aren't the only ones who are aloud to |CENSORED FOR DECENTCIES SAKE|. Why shouldn't animals get to have their sexual preference protected by law? I think this should be a legit topic discussed in a serious way. We need …

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  • SirHadesOfNod

    "The cure for boredom is curiosity, there is no cure for curiosity" Dorthy Parker

    Boredom can be very dangerous if you're ADHD. It makes you ask weird questions, think about weird things, and generally drive you slightly more insane then you already were. As of right now I'm sitting in science class, being bored, as we're just reviewing. This is a dangerous situation, as I have access to the Internet, not to mention a notebook.

    However, being bored itself isn't bad, it's what you dream up when you are. For example; Can zombies have sex? There, a perfect example of a bored brain at work.

    Be afraid.

    Many other things can come to mind, such as how to perfectly comb every strand of one's hair to remove any knots. What's even worse is when you're a…

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  • Kiaser116


    March 26, 2017 by Kiaser116

    welcome one and all to the fist blog post on my page! (insert polite applause)

    so first things first, if there are any pixel gun 3d players out there reading this im in the adamentine league, and only level 25, two levels below most players there.

    second, if you arent sure yet, im using this to track my monumental achievments in gaming, be it skyrim to super mario bros tor the NES it will be here.

    thanks for reading!

    todays pondering thought.

    if in the hunger games, there was a nuclear war, could that be where fallout takes place?

    pm me if you think it could be or if you dont.

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  • Tuzin


    September 19, 2016 by Tuzin

    Will no one just start talking in chat again?!I try but no one is ever there and I never see any of you on TES I'm always a few minutes late!!! I don't want to assume but it really seems like no one cares

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  • Tuzin


    September 1, 2016 by Tuzin

    Is anyone still on wiki or are you all busy? Please post a reply so I know. I'm very worried I'll never see any of you again.

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  • Kiadony

    Ok, this is something I promised to do. Note that this definitely doesn't fit into Mass Effect canon and is as such part of an AU.

    It started over a century ago, when quarians still lived on their Homeworld. They were ruled by a unified government and were scientifically and technologically advanced beyond many other races. At some point, the geth were created, and the prospects of their increasingly autonomous development and growing sophistication caused a mixed reaction in the populace. Some were happy to have the artificial intelligence work for them, but others feared being replaced and questioned the future of their own species.

    Military officials feared the most for their influential positions and prestige, since the geth were posited…

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  • Tuzin

    I'm done

    June 19, 2016 by Tuzin

    I'm sick of it. 1st it was on TES Shawn was a dick. So I'm invited over here where I was promised freedom and everyone would get along. Not the case now. It seems everything that I was told was never intended in the 1st place. If everyone has some personal issue that you THINK makes you act this way that's no excuse. I admit to it. I expect everyone else to do the same. But not everyone wants to admit anything. So I'm not coming into chat unless something changes. I won't sit around and be ridiculed.

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  • Wasinaelderscroll

    Two years after the Dragonborn's victory over Aldiun the world eater. And Cyrodil is alive and well as a tournament at the Imperial arena is about to start thanks to a generous land owner, warriors from all over Tamriel are coming to fight and criminals who were sentenced to executions are now getting a second chance at life through the games. with all the excitement in the air and blood on the sand the Imperial city is beginning to boon again growing ever bigger and twice as rich. Even the Thalmor ambassador will be there to watch the sport as well as the Emperor himself.

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  • Kallenhaney14

    18+ pictures

    August 3, 2015 by Kallenhaney14
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  • Blitzbear93

    Welcomes this is the first chapter of "The Interactive Story" (I couldn't decide on a name)

    So this is your standard choose your own style of story

    I write up a short bit of story you vote and the winning outcomes results will be posted in next the chapter (once this has at least 5 votes)

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  • Harkon Romney


    Name: Noah Miller

    Gender: Male

    Appearance: Medium length black hair, stubble, 5'11, Average body


    Equipped Items

    Clothing: Orange prison jumpsuit

    Weapons: None


    People Killed: 0

    Infected Killed:0

    Animals Killed:0



    Marksman: 25/100

    Melee: 25/100

    Hand to Hand: 25/100


    Strength: 1/5



    Other Skills:


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  • Blitzbear93

    Finding that attractive characters are really hard to make on Fallout 3 and Fallout:New Vegas and even harder to find peoples actual recorded sliders on the internet I've decided to post my characters sliders on here in the hopes that my efforts into making attractive non modded characters will help others. To begin with I am only doing female characters but I'm happy to take requests for males or characters of a specific look (or as best is possible using the base game cc)


    -0:far left -100: far right

    This is my glamorous celebrity like character usually her name different but for this well call her Starlet

    --Sliders-- -Sex:Female -Race:Hispanic -Preset:4 -Age:0

    --General-- -High/low:98 -Thin/wide:0

    --Forehead-- -Small/large:100 -Tall/short…

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  • Wasinaelderscroll




    Afiliation:Dune Riders

    Skills:firearms,Light Armor,One handed,Vehicles and sneak.

    appearance:middle aged strong build black and white fur yellow eyes and a mane and short hair


    Vehicle: his motorcycle

    apparel: and blue jeans military boots and his gun belt and assault rifle sling and the Kurkri's sheath attached to his belt

    background:born in Elswyr he has grown up as gunslinger and his 18th birthdary he become a biker in the Dune Riders and has traveled to Cyrrodil to track down bounties but now is trapped like the rest of his friends and looking for a way out

    Name: Dersh Xergulus


    Race: Argonian

    Skills:firearms,Water craft, Light armor, One handed,

    appearance:green scales looks youn…

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  • Kallenhaney14

    Random Character Forms

    November 25, 2014 by Kallenhaney14

    Name: Paladin (her real name is Nonlean Autumnsong)

    Age: 19

    Gender: Female

    Race: High Elf

    Skills: Restoration, Heavy Armor, One-Handed, Firearms.

    Spells: Grand Healing, Sun Fire, Greater Turn Undead, Greater Ward, Close Wounds, Heal Other.

    Weaknesses: Men, her friend Saman, Aircraft.

    Worst Skills: everything not listed in the skills part.

    Apparel: Stark white Royal Paladin Armor

    Weapons: Two Royal Pistols, one not-so-royal rifle, and twin swords

    Apparel: Royal Dark Paladin Armor

    Appearance: looks like Paladin in every aspect except the difference in armor they wear.

    Background: Is twin to Paladin, she also is the risk taker between her and her twin. Black Rose is an expert in flying maneuvers (don't ask me why), both her and her twin, Paladin, were r…

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  • Wasinaelderscroll

    thank our heroes

    November 11, 2014 by Wasinaelderscroll

    Today is Veteran's day here in America.a day set aside to honor our Veterans of wars come and gone too those that fought,those that are fighting right now.our Heroes should never be forgotten as they have not forgotten us, so let us pause what ever we are doing and thank a Veteran of wars come and gone,because without them the world would be a nightmare.

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  • Wasinaelderscroll

    Hey this one had a idea for a off topic fun thing, how about the something that is on the TES Wiki Roleplay board its called The One Word story, it works like this,the first person up says one word in "time" and the next adds onto it until a short sentence like story is done use (for off topic or suggesting a word for some to add to our word)

    One Word Story

    yes no

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  • The Pathogen


    October 10, 2014 by The Pathogen

    Hi there all. I know this may be my first contribution to the wiki, but I've noticed in many, many locations that there are images with solid-color backgrounds where a PNG with an Alpha-channel (transparency) might be better suited (the site logo, for one). Is there anyone here experienced with the usage of Photoshop or a similar image-editing program? I wonder this, as I've had a good four or five years using both Photoshop (between CS3 and CS5) as well as GIMP. If you need, want, or would otherwise like to request some aid with some imaging needs, feel free to message me or let me know. For an example of my work, I'm an admin and bureaucrat over on the Terraria Wiki as well as being the same position on the Minecraft Wikia, AND being a r…

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  • LugsyOfSlugsy

    Hello All.

    I've looked around the wiki a bit and I've noticed that, to be honest, is extremely messy. Random music videos everywhere, Half finished pages etc. So I'm writing this blog in the hope that the 3 administrators impose new rules.

    1. Keep the images to a reasonable level on pages (No more than 5 for example.)
    2. Don't lock pages. Now, Sysop, I know you wish to protect your pages but this blocks it from little humble users like me to fix things, add it to categories etc. If you really want to lock a page for whatever reason, write a blog or something, to notify that all users have , say a week, to finish editing these pages.
    3. No music videos on pages (and keep music videos on userpages to under 3.) . I don't think this has to be exp…
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  • Blitzbear93

    This isn't so much a blog but rather a collection of armor (and possibly other things) I'm drawing up in the hopes of eventually getting a PC copy of Skyrim with a creation kit so I can create these for see in game (yes before you comment I know that will not we easy) I'll add more as I go so keep checking back in.

    Note: since I am female and I always play as female, all my armor will likely be female versions only, I might draw up male ones eventually (might being the key word)

    This armor is a traditional bosmeri scouts armor ,it was worn by member of the Akasi tribe a bosmer tribe that rebeled against Thalmor rule, when the Green Pact was broken by the Thalmor they refused to give up worship of there beliefs …

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  • Wasinaelderscroll

    The Father

    September 29, 2014 by Wasinaelderscroll

    this is where you can ask a question comment or read on information that will be added on why he is called The Father, The Founder and our Chief

    The Father: TBA

    The Founder:TBA

    our Chief:TBA

    Luzgoth: is a large and very powerful Orc strong field(a new idea of a confederation of more then one strong hold) ruled by three chieftains instead of one due to the size of it, there are actually made of three strongholds formed into one a farming stronghold(Raznoth), a mining stronghold(Gothnaz), and a very large strong hold built into a nearby mountain(Luzgrag) the chieftains meet every week to discuss and decide on plans of action for the next week(they are only five miles apart so travel is not much to worry about).

    map: the strong field located in ce…

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  • Blitzbear93

    It's week four, yes the blog is still on xD

    "Let me guess, somebody stole your sweetroll?"

    "Solitude home to the arts....doesn't even have a bloody theatre"

    Tied in first and last place we have (pretty much everything) bear, whale, wolf and butterfly/moth , looks like everyone wanted to be something different which honestly is a little suprising, I expected votes for only wolf and bear, nice to know someone wanted to bear creepy flying bug and a that so my people can ride them into the afterlife? Seriously a whale...yep xD

    Well gets be honest, I'm to lazy and exausted for something random this week (I've been planting a vege garden in the rain all day) so just amuse yourselves you lazy little $h**s :p

    Oh also another thanks to YetiWi…

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  • Wasinaelderscroll

    hello all this one has never wrote a bloody blog so here goes nothing

    first on the list of things is that this one will try and get more people to this Wiki but also will be writing a new RP soon and asking permission from a friend to move a old RP that died to this Wiki to give it life so here we go listen all and listen well.--Wasinaelderscroll (talk) 00:13, September 25, 2014 (UTC)

    1.what the new RP will look like

    the new RP will take place in High rock in post great war era all the characters start in a trade caravan that is heading to a Breton settlement in the Orsinium area since the Orcs have all fled to the Wrothgarian mountains but that is all this one will say for now don't want give to many hints as to what is to happen eh?


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  • Blitzbear93

    It's week 03 and I'm putting up another barely read blog

    Don't eat the cake, it's a lie.

    "Where's a haystack when you need one?"

    In second was Strawberry icecream with a massive one vote xD and in first we have my personal favorite icecream Chocolate with three one wants to post on the blog but y'all were happy to vote for icecream flavours, just another flaw in our generation xD

    Since there's really nothing worth talking about, here's an amusing video

    Thanks again to User:YetiWithFlamethrower for the picture used in this weeks Caption Meme of the Week

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  • Kallenhaney14

    Warning: Contains adult content do not read if you are under the age of 16 [will will not be held accountable for offensive materials] you were warned (blitz says)

     :The Birth of the Orcs (Kallens Version of how Orcs came to be)
    some random Daedra "hey look my shit is walking and talking and fighting i shall name my shit Orc!"
    Blitz- its Orsimer dip shit and the Daedra's name was Beothiah and (blah blah blah kallen shuts blitz out and continues story)"Orsimer! thank you anomonous voice!" the Daedra replies
    "you! piece of shit!"
    "you are now a race of creatures called Orsimer or Orcs for short"
    "good now move aside before…

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  • Blitzbear93

    Hey guys this is my first blog post so welcome and enjoy reading all my failed attempts at writting xD Since this a first we will obiously not have a caption of the week so lets just use this weeks current meme of the week ,which i will oviously be making redundant, as its been replaced with these blogs.

    This is where i get you to do my job for me (since im to lazy to write up any more witty memes i want you to do it) ill post a pic and you get to create/write a Caption Meme for it the top 5 (of my chosing) will be picked next week and youll get to vote on which one you think is the best . The results will be tallied up and the winning Meme Caption will be picked.

    Feel free to leave suggestions for next weeks poll topic

    Some kinda news peice …

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  • Kallenhaney14
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  • Kallenhaney14


    August 13, 2014 by Kallenhaney14
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