Me...just me...Edit

Hey I'm Kallen, but you can also call me any of these other names (I respond to all):

Fallen Fairy (or just Fairy)

as you can probably tell from looking at all the other pages here, I had a hand in starting this Wiki...although it was mostly Blitz and Sky that did everything, all I did was sit back...and corrected grammar...The name "KallenBearRP" was actually a mistake, Blitz didn't know what to call it and because I was the one who had been encouraging her to go ahead and make the wiki, she called it "KallenBearRP"...sounds a little funny huh? But so does "BlitzHaneyRP"...that actually sounds worse...but anyway, this all began in the Elderscrolls Wiki in a three-way pm with me, sky, and blitz. Sky helped blitz figure out the basics. I helped nothing (to say in the terms of anything important), but if you want to know EXACTLY what I helped with then I'll list them.

Making sure Blitz had a cool head (as in, not angry or annoyed)
Correcting grammar (it's actually a pet-peeve of mine)
Adding videos to the Wiki (the four episodes on Blitz's page and the several on mine)
Adding pointless comics (I hate them now for some reason and I just don't have the inspiration to come here very often anyway...I'm so cold-hearted)
Making everyone laugh in the Chat room
Keeping most of the Rp's rolling and making sure some actually start enough to grab more people

and that's about it. I've been with this Wiki for a year now...I'm ranked as #1 in the achievements and badges thing. I'm also ranked #1 in the Wiki edits...

Personal InfoEdit

If you have read THIS far then I guess you're determined to know me...that or you're just bored...anyway, I'm not all that interesting until you meet me in person, then you will either like me, or think I have a mental disorder (I have insomnia and ADD). Now, shall I begin the list of things about me?

My name is Kallen, I am 22 and will be turning 23 on June 20th, I have long brown hair that goes down to my shoulders, I have sky blue eyes, I am pretty skinny and I am about 6'2"? I am a masochist...and I like BDSM, I am quite submissive too...although there are times when I get pretty dominant. I am also Bisexual, but I'm mostly Lesbian. I like to play video games, create small time animations (nothing good enough to go "hey look! Isn't this cool?!), write stories/books, have sex, Rp, and I like to have fun and I like to make sure everyone else is having fun as well. I done now? Good, have a nice day!

  • Nyna from "The Kvatch Incident" rp
  • Vilmund from "The Kvtach Incident" rp
  • Vakasari (aka Oblivion) from the story "Defender"
  • Sympathy from the story "Defender"
  • General JoAnn from the story "Defender"
  • Images43EX3A6F.jpg Something I'm into