Motm This user has been a Member Of The Month for their contributions to awesomness

Member Of The MonthEdit

Are users who have contributed much of use to the wiki a new one is chosen every month based off of whichever user was co tributing the most in that month Member Of The Month users are know as Moths

MOTH AKA Month Reason
High Goddess Venus-Afrodite-Finelia Fin April 2016 For all her contributions to the wikis templates, MediaWiki and other awesome stuff.
RenzXVI Renz May 2016 For all his contributions to the MediaWiki and other useful stuff.
The Beautiful Princess Ashley Ash June 2016 For often being an active moderator.
Sigmund Fraud Sig July 2016 Because of his contributions to the morale of the wiki.
SirHadesOfNod Hades March 2017 For extensive work on the Wiki Calendar.
SlayerOfTheBad Slay April 2017 For fixing the wiki cursor.

Future MOTMsEdit

Please nominate and vote for May 2017 Member Of The Month here: Member Of The Month vote thread