Hey, this is Wasin AKA was in a elder scroll. First off, a little background. Yes, I was in a elder scroll but I am free now, thanks to Sanguine, some cheese and a Wabbajack. Some how this shit worked. Anyways, I play video games and raise chickens. You don't like it, Sue me. It won't work. I am a fan of quite a few Bethesda games including Brink (Yes, I love this game.), Fallout, and The Elder Scrolls as well as Tom Clancy's series game including Rainbow Six Vegas and Vegas 2 including Ghost Recon and I am a long time fan of Splinter cell. I am also fan of some of the C.O.D games but I am now hooked on Homefront and Operation Flashpoint Red River. I was born and still live in the great state of (no, not Texas) Kansas. That's right, I'm a great plains hick lol.